Internet Providers & Phone Carriers in Poland

Posted by PaulinaSpadlo | October 3, 2016

Internet Providers and Phone Carriers in Poland


So you finally arrived but you’re still not fully settled? If you can’t manage to decide which internet provider has the best offer and what to expect from phone carriers, read this article to know it all. 🙂


Phone Carriers in Poland



When it comes to choosing this service, we mostly recommend Play network which offers unlimited conversations, texts and 6GB for 30 days for only 25pln that you can activate with calling *111*407*1#. As well, it has pretty good signal in whole Poland.


Network Plus offers package “JA+”, which includes free calls and texts, unlimited access to facebook plus 6GB of internet for 29pln (call:*136*11*05#). It is a comparable offer to the previous one, however, the signal is not that good but it is a leader of LTE technology.

Virgin Mobile

The American carrier offers unlimited calls, texts and 8GB of internet for 29pln (code: *222*29#). It is not the most popular network in Poland, however, their offer lives up to the bigger competitors. In offer there is also included unlimited access to facebook, messenger, or twitter.


German carrier isn’t a good deal if you need internet; the offer is: unlimited calls, texts + 1GB for 20pln (call: *140*802#), but if you want to top up the internet it’s: 3GB fro 20pln, 6GB for 30pln, which is not worth it compared to the other offers.

What internet provider & phone carrier to choose-


Internet Providers in Poland



UPC offers internet for flexible period, so you can cancel the contract whenever you want which is the best option for a foreign student temporarily in Poland. The offer is up to 120mb/s  for 70pln a month with cancellation possible anytime. Installation cost is 60 pln, however, there is no need to buy a modem since the company is providing one.


The network offers flexible but limited internet, 40 GB for a price of 29 pln monthly without traditional agreement and subscription. The rule is you just need to top up the sim card every month but you can stop after 3 months without any cancellation fee. To find out more, Nju mobile invites you to online chat at their website.


Play has flexible internet 10pln/10GB, so with every started package of 10GB, they add 10 pln to your bill. If you don’t use it at all in certain month, the bill is 0 pln. You can cancell the agreement after 30 days.


For those people who are in range, Orange can offer the home network on fiber (up to 600Mbps).  Currently the company ha  4P offer, which includes Internet, home phone with unlimited minutes to the EU, US and Canada, mobile with unlimited minutes and SMS & 3GB data and full TV package for 69 PLN/month.                                 



If you have any questions about Internet Providers and Phone Carriers in Poland, feel free to share them in comments or just write to us! 😉

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