What Should Do Do During Your First Week in Poland

Posted by Natalia Kacprzak | October 10, 2016

How do you feel about moving to a new country? We bet you’re super excited and stressed out!

Just after arriving in Warsaw by plane or by train you need to somehow get to your new apartment. The best if you use the special offer for first UBER ride and get 50 PLN off with Pepe Housing code. If you’re about to arrive in Warsaw Modlin Airport we recommend to take shuttle bus which will bring you to the city centre of Warsaw within 40 minutes. The best if you book it in advance and print out your ticket.

Once you have reached your new home you need to get ready to start tackling other challenges 🙂

  1. Find the way to your university.
    Use Jak Dojadę app or website to search for the best public transport connection. All the important information regarding public transport in Warsaw you can find in our previous blog post. If your school is not far from home you can take the advantage of city bikes (register here).maze [source]
  2. Try the local food!
    The list of polish food you have to try is long. During your first week try to taste famous pierogi and żurek.polish food
  3. Go out and taste polish vodka!
    We highly recommend to grab shots of vodka with locals and discovers how Poles are partying on weekends.pijalnia
  4. Buy the missing pieces of home accessories.
    Plan a day in IKEA or try to find second hand furnitures on some online auctions or flea markets. IKEA is a bit far from the city centre (40 minutes way to IKEA Targówek, 1 hour way to IKEA Janki). The other option is to visit one of the flea markets which are taking place in Praga and Wola every sunday.pchli targ
  5. Wander around the city and explore your neighbourhood.
    Join a free walking tour or simply walk around the city to find the coolest spots. You can also take the advantage of the Free Museum admission days and visit most of the museums for free!walking tour
  6. Share your experience with us!
    Feel free to meet or share a beer and share your experience of living in Warsaw!cheers

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