Where to Get Best Deals in Poland?

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | March 9, 2017

Are you a fashion victim but your budget is limited? Are you studying in Poland and willing to discover
its culinary specialties without ruining your wallet? Do you want to fill your free time with affordable
activities? This article will give you hints about finding good deals in Poland.

              The first thing all foreign students seek is where they can do food shopping for reasonable prices.
In general, in Poland the prices for groceries are not very high. The best thing is to go shopping to Lidl,
which is considered to be the cheapest grocery shop in Poland. For some people, such big grocery supermarkets as Tesco and Auchan are also a good choice for finding good products for nice prices. Such shops as Kaufland and Biedronka also have good quality and price rate. For every day shopping, it’s better to buy from local supermarkets than from the small kiosks and shops such as Carrefour or Zabka. You are not going to find any great deals there unless you need some bread in New Year’s night (Zabka is open 24/7).
             In all the cities of Poland, there is a kind of restaurant, which is called “bar mleczny”. It’s a great place to taste Polish typical specialties for a very good price. Therefore, if you see one, stop by and you will never regret! If you want more information of how to eat for up to 10 zl. You should read this blog post as well. 

bar mleczny
            Being a student in Poland is a great benefit. If you have an  ISIC card, you can have discounts up to 50% on travels, hotel prices, restaurants, and pubs. Being an ISIC card holder will let you have some discounts on clothes too; just look for some deals in molls or ask a shop assistant. More than 5000 places in Poland provide those discounts to ISIC card holders.


              It would be a pity to come to Poland and not visit its various beautiful cities and discover its rich culture. For that, it would be interesting to have the IYTC card for students aged up to 25 years old. It provides travel insurance, transports discounts, discounts on museums’ and galleries’ tickets, and also  educational facilities. With your student card and if you are under the age of 26, you benefit from several other discounts including libraries, cinemas, and train tickets.
Clothing and Cosmetics
             Being a student doesn’t mean that you should be wearing old fashioned clothes, especially if you have the opportunity to buy new clothes without exceeding your budget. In the cities, you can find such brands such as H&M, Zara, Cropp, House of nice quality and different style. You should try Polish brands too. Such brand as Reserved, for example, got modern clothing items for men and women for very “interesting” prices. There is also a shop named Pepco where you can find everything you need. Dishes, accessories, clothes, cosmetics, and many other affordable necessities you can find there. If you are looking for very good brands and low prices, you should definitely check out TK MAXX and find your rare pearl.


             For shoes, such shop as CCC and Deichmann are recommended;  there you can find all styles of shoes for men and women with very good quality and not attractive rates.
            We believe that every student, especially ladies, is also looking for great deals for skin and face care cosmetics. Cosmetic products in shops like Sephora or Douglas are very good but unfortunately may be not in the budget of students. Luckily, there are shops named HEBE and ROSSMANN where you can find a lot of brands for makeup, creams, and other products, which are at the same time of good quality and affordable.

Useful Websites
             If you want to buy anything on internet in Poland, you should use allegro. Unfortunately, there is no English version for the website but thanks to the technology and to Google translate, everything is possible. Also, do not hesitate to ask your new Polish friends to help you! There is also another website to compare the prices of items sold in internet, which is called ceneoLast but not least, you can get many very good deals for restaurants, trips, fitness, various entertainmnets, and many others using groupon coupons. In general, prices in Poland are reasonable and students can manage them without being on the tight budget.

             If you know other useful hints how and where to get best deals in Poland, comment below and let other people know about them!

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