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Useful tips for your Erasmus stay in Poland

Going to study abroad is an exciting experience, but it can also come with many challenges, especially when it comes to payments or transportation in another country. If you don't know the language it will be difficult to arrange basic things. It is important that you are well-prepared to make the most of your stay. That's why we've compiled a list of the 5 most useful apps that will make your stay on Erasmus in Poland easier. Your traveling, financial management, insurance, and daily commute will get much simpler and more convenient now!


During your first month on Erasmus, you will face the obvious challenge of transferring the rent for your apartment to your landlord. You are probably wondering: How do you avoid transfer fees? We have the solution for you - the wise.com application will make this task much cheaper! Thanks to wise.com you will be able to make quick and hassle-free international transfers and, most importantly, avoid foreign exchange fees. As a student, you know very well that every penny counts ;).  It will come in handy here as well. 

How does it work?

Use the Wise link and register an account, that is all! Now you can use this application and transfer money to 175 countries for free! Thanks to such a product you will no longer have to worry about transferring money in Polish zlotys. With Wise.com you can conveniently exchange as many as 52 currencies into Polish zloty. Also, you can pay locally using your virtual wise card and transfer money to your landlord without any problems!

Pepe Housing

Are you looking for an apartment in Poland? You couldn't have come at a better time! Pepe Housing is a website offering Erasmus accommodation in Poland with secure online bookings and trusted landlords. If you are planning to spend the whole semester or a year in Poland, you will definitely get your apartment there. You will find here only verified offers and making a booking will not take you more than 5 minutes! On Pepe Housing you can choose apartments from the biggest cities in Poland. All you have to do is pick your city and find your dream place for your Erasmus exchange.


You never know what can happen to you during your stay on Erasmus. It's clear that you're protected by a refundable deposit, but what if you accidentally flood your neighbor, break your chair or accidentally spill something on the wall? No one talks about it, but in these cases, you may face rejection of the return deposit from the landlord. Be one step ahead and protect yourself in such a situation! Invest 48 PLN and have peace of mind for a whole year. By investing 48 zł your insurance company covers the cost of 50,000 thousand zlotys! In case of any damage, your costs will be covered by insurance. 46 PLN is as much as two coffees in the city. It will take you 15 minutes to drink a coffee, and insurance will protect you 365 days a year!

Secure yourself in 5 easy steps!
Click the link
Select one insurance option
Fill out personal details, pay and it's DONE! Now you can enjoy your trouble-free stay!


Before you start rebelling with lines like “What? But we already have Google Maps!” Unfortunately, Google Maps do not have such a precise public transportation schedule as Jakdojade. This application is really easy to use and also gives you a couple more alternatives for your route if you are already late for the first option suggested! It tells what kind of transport to take and what kinds of tickets to buy!  These will be your best friends when traveling around Poland or while commuting to your Erasmus University! It is definitely a MUST-HAVE!


One word: essential. It is always a good idea to have a PLAN B while catching the bus after the party: you must have Uber on your phone! It is much cheaper than the regular taxi and will help you save some of your student budget. You don’t need to have the power of prediction to know that you’ll go to lots of Erasmus parties and will have no public transportation at 3 a.m. Remember that metro its not working after 2 am, so the fastest way to go back home will be by taking an Uber. Think ahead and download Uber next time before you go out. It’s simple and safe.


Bolt is basically the same as Uber but sometimes it is cheaper! By having the second option you can always save money by comparing offers from Uber and Bolt. It is also necessary to mention that usually after the biggest parties all Ubers are unavailable, and then is the best moment to use Bolt instead.

ToGoodToGo and Foodsi 

These two apps will make you save hundreds on food! Save the planet and save money at the same time! The apps will allow you to buy food products that were not sold during the day with a discount of up to 70%! Saving money on food has never been easier. All you have to do is download TooGoodToGo or Foodsi, enter your location, reserve a package at the restaurant that suits you, and pick up your package at the app's scheduled times. Bon appetite!

Choose your saving option and enjoy delicious food for half the price :)

With these applications, your Erasmus exchange in Poland will become much more manageable. Allow yourself and make your life easier by using these 5 apps. Using all of them not only save you time, but also allows you to function more conveniently and most importantly to save money! And I know how important this is for every student! ;)  With these tools you can focus on what is most important - expanding your horizons, socializing, and enjoying your stay in Poland.

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